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Destination growth: Joran shares his journey at icapps

The icabbs bus represents icapps' goal of providing "destination growth" to its colleagues and partners. Parked at the Scheldt docks with the handbrake engaged, engines turned off, and doors open. Several colleagues were invited to recount their journeys at icapps, with Joran being the first to take the wheel.

Full throttle or in first gear, how did your growth process go this past year?

My biggest challenge this year has definitely been time management. I come from a slightly different environment where projects lasted longer. The turnaround time at icapps is shorter. As a result, my own time management has really improved. I try to divide my time according to the needs that are there and try to put things in perspective so that not everything can be worked out in detail from the start.

I have also gained more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how an IT landscape is built. I have learned about different technologies this past year. That happened naturally by working with different colleagues and building applications as well as web portals, for example.

What role did your team play in this journey?

I am really happy with the team I ended up in. My team has supported me during the onboarding and encouraged my growth process at icapps. Maybe it's worth mentioning that even the very experienced people didn't mind explaining technical things, our team spirit is really good. Despite our overloaded schedule and the abundance of questions, everyone stays motivated to tackle tasks.

Did you follow a training course the past year?

I wanted to commit myself to getting more insights as a PO. And thanks to the training budget that icapps offers, I felt motivated and looked for advanced training to follow, as I did. 

I also went to an Agile Conference with Annelies. My conversations there made me think about where our company, or I as a person, can grow. An excellent example of that is 'sustainable IT'.


Everyone learns from each other and no question is too much! That's what I really appreciate about my colleagues. I can honestly say that I'm really lucky with the people I work with.

Joran Calluy Product Owner

In what area do you want to shift to a higher gear?

On several fronts! Definitely still on the technical front, as long as you're in the IT sector, you must keep up with the latest trends. On a strategic level, I would also like to grow. What my strategy colleagues Geert, Nico, and Sebastiaan do is also very interesting.

Who would you like to have as a co-pilot?

I see something to look up to in everyone. But in general, I am inspired by leaders who put their people first and encourage development with positive feedback.

At the roundabout 

Driver or co-pilot?

Driver, co-pilot depends on who's driving. 

What's your favorite tune to listen to in the car?

"We kunnen het leven aan" - Spring

And to end this interview, what's your go-to snack? 

Definitely Redband sweet and sour sweets.