A guide to the benefits of Flutter as a cross-platform technology.

Flutter has only been released three years ago, but the number of users is already mind-blowing. This relatively new cross-platform technology has stolen the hearts of a lot of developers. And what’s not to love. With its expressive UI, fast development flow and native performance, Flutter is a unique cross-platform technology that is only gaining popularity.

New technology, new opportunities

Because we have a Flutter expert in the house, our colleague Koen Van Looveren, we decided to share our knowledge of this cross-platform technology. Koen started working at icapps in 2017 and quickly developed interest in Flutter. He introduced Flutter at icapps in January 2019 and the technology has only been improving ever since. We invested in the implementation of this new platform by supporting research, the development of proof of concepts and meetups with other Flutter enthusiasts.

We are big Flutter fans and you will soon discover why.

A small introduction into the benefits of Flutter

In our E-book we introduce you into the world of cross-platform technology. What it’s main benefits are and why we, at icapps, chose Flutter over the other ones. One of the reasons you would choose a cross-platform technology to develop your app, is cost control. With cross-platform technology, development works with only one codebase, which makes aftercare easier and ensures that bugs are fixed faster. Cross-platform technologies are the ideal solution for apps that have to be developed fast and with a minimum of resources. Besides cost control, Flutter offers an expressive UI with built-in widgets and beautiful designs. 

With Flutter, experimenting is easy and fun and since developers love to play around with code, we believe that this technology will be their next best friend. Actually, before you know it, we think it will be yours too.

The E-book is available for everyone and you can download it below.
Have a look at it and don’t hesitate to reach out, if you have any questions.

Always here to develop your app. ;)