“Our Planet” is one of icapps' strategic pillars, as it should be for any company. A fairly new but already very integrated pillar within our organization. "Our Planet" includes more than just the environmental component. “Our Planet" is also about the impact we can have on everything else outside of icapps' offices. Things like poverty, well-being, equal opportunity, education, etc. The goal of "Our Planet" is to decrease our negative impact and increase our positive impact. The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) were a logical starting framework for us. We decided to focus on 3 SDGs. SDG 1; No Poverty, SDG 3; Good Health and Wellbeing, and SDG 13; Climate Action.

However, from the start, we felt we couldn't really use the SDGs exact definitions and goals, as they've been defined on a nation-state level, and don't translate clearly to business.

Enter Future Fit!

Future Fit provides a framework, the Future Fit Business Benchmark, for translating national SDG goals into business-level objectives. By translating the SDGs into a business context, they help companies steer their initiatives in the right direction and keep their goals clear. There are hundreds of tools to help companies respond to environmental and social issues. But one crucial question remains unanswered: to what end? That's where Future Fit comes in.

Create value, make an impact

Future Fit asserts that even if you are the least bad at something, that still doesn't mean you are actually good at it. So it's not just about making small changes to your company's sustainability program to make an impact, it's about finding ways to create value, to have a positive impact on multiple levels, and to become empowered to achieve environmental, social, and financial success.

Over and out with greenwashing

Future Fit aims to end Greenwashing by introducing two key concepts; Break-even Goals and Positive Pursuits. Break-even goals are about eliminating your negative impact. Positive Pursuits are about making it possible to even create a positive impact. This goes back to Future Fit's idea that doing less badly does not equal doing well. As long as you are still emitting more than you are offsetting, you are working toward a break-even goal. Once you get past that point and emit less than you offset, you're on your way to a Positive Pursuit. At that point, you are really making a difference.

icapps x Future Fit

We became FF Pioneers in December 2021. A Future-Fit Pioneer is a company that publicly commits to pursuing future fitness. The Future-Fit Business Benchmark shows the way to a Future-Fit Society – a society that becomes ever more economically inclusive, socially just, and environmentally restorative. We were already on a mission to become more sustainable as a company but, although we decided which SDGs we wanted to focus on, we were still looking for a helping hand to set clear goals and objectives. In Future Fit, we found that partner. Their framework inspires us to set up new initiatives and to determine the right priorities.