Since 2020 was a year to remember, or better to forget, we couldn’t let the end of the year go by without doing something a little unusual. We wanted to give something back to society and as a digital company, we gladly use our expertise to make a difference. So we came up with the idea to host and give away a Hackathon in which we will tackle a socially relevant issue, idea, or project.

Introducing the icapps For Good Hackathon

Icapps doing Good

Inspired by Tech For Good, we also wanted to use our digital expertise to give something back to society. As we can imagine, a lot of small companies, vzw’s and NGO’s had a hard time this year. So we thought about how we could help them and came up with the idea of a hackathon. A hackathon for Good during which we will help a (small) company or organization to take a giant leap forward in a socially relevant project or idea. To support their digital growth and to give them a push to tackle a problem they have been struggling with. So we want to give you the chance to submit your idea and maybe win this hackathon.

Hackathon in other words

A Hackathon is some sort of hack fest or a hack day, where digital experts gather to break their brains over a specific topic and try to find a possible digital solution for it. A Hackathon mostly takes place in a secluded location, where the participants have nothing else to worry about but to “crack the code”.

For this specific hackathon, we will take 48 hours to work on a PoC, proof of concept, for your project or idea. The team involved in the hackathon can vary, we will set up a team that consists of strategists, to think about your game plan, developers, to build a cool PoC (proof of concept), designers, to pimp it all with the nicest visuals and designs, user experience designers, to make it as smooth as possible for your users, … and so on. A very multidisciplinary team to make sure you’ll get the most out of it.

Your concept proved by us, validated by BUFFL

During this hackathon, we work on a PoC, a proof of concept. This term might not ring a bell, so let us explain. A PoC is sort of a prototype of your digital solution. It proves that the concept we thought of, will work. Not to be mistaken, it’s not a complete app, nor is it something you will be able to really implement, but it gives you an idea of the possible solution and it gives you the opportunity to test it before you make the real investment. It’s exactly as the name suggests, it’s the proof that the concept may work and that it is possible to create.

To make this PoC even more valuable, we teamed up with BUFFL. They make validation effortless by questioning your target audience in a simple and clear manner. That way we’ll receive real-time reliable information during the development process and we’ll be able to build the best, most suitable PoC.

Let us do Good for you

This hackathon gives you a unique opportunity, it gives you the chance to take a giant leap forward in your project or organization, for free. We offer you 48 hours with a dedicated team of digital experts, who will try to tackle your project. We’ll create a proof of concept and you’ll be able to put it to the test. We’ll shape your idea, give it a test drive, and prove your concept.

So do not hesitate any longer and submit your idea for our Hackathon!

Let's hack for Good!