Another year, another Time’s best inventions overview. Also, this year, our colleague and digital strategist Nicolas Van der Wee shined his light on the newest digital trends that have popped up. In this article, he discusses his top 5 out of TIME's Top 100 Best Innovations 2021. Let's dive in.

TIME magazine announces their top 100 best innovations of 2022 at the end of every year; we went through the list and picked our top 5:

BeReal: Unpolished Social Media

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Calla Kessler—The New York Times/Redux - source Time magazine

After all those years of social media, fake posts, and influencers, people became very skeptical about all these perfections. A French start-up came to think, ‘what is still real online'?

They came up with the idea to start an app that asks you to post whatever you are doing at a random time of day; aka BeReal. In 2022, the app really took off and became enormously popular with Gen Z. Pay attention to the people screaming ‘BeREAAALL’ when they are prompted to post while having a drink with friends.

Dall-E 2 - Artificial Imagination

time innovations 2022
source: Time magazine

How much fun our colleagues had with these AI tools like Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion and

Dall-E 2 is a huge example of how AI is becoming more accessible to the wide public. These solutions have been spawning and gaining popularity this year especially. Did you have a look at , another solution that democratizes the power of AI is breaking through. It generates music pieces depending on the mood, genre, or activity you want it to evoke.

    Truepic Lens - Revealing Deepfakes

    Time Magazine 2022 deepfakes
    Source: Time Magazine

    With the danger of not knowing anymore what is genuine and real, or generated by AI, we love to see solutions coming about like Truepic Lens. A software that can detect whether media is altered or original.

    Lucid Air - Next-Level EV

    time innovations 2022
    Source: Time magazine

    At icapps, we are electro heads (you know like petrolheads, but then for EV’s). And the landscape of new electric vehicles and their growing adoption gets us really excited. But to be honest, sometimes EV’s lack the usability to convince petrol heads to transition to a greener solution like EV’s? Remember our blog post about range anxiety? This is where new challengers on the market, like Lucid, really try to change things: a higher efficiency, a better loading speed. However, the user interface (so we’ve heard) can be improved, with some hidden features. So hey, Lucid, give us a call.

    Magic Leap 2 - Augmented Job training

    innovations time magic leap
    Source: Time magazine

    We love seeing developments in the area of Mixed Reality. We absolutely want to see solutions like this implemented in industries like manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and education, just like the use cases of Mr. Watts. Where workforces are often understaffed and could be supported by solutions like these.

    It was hard to pick only 5 out of the top 100 best innovations. Make sure to have a look at TIME's top 100 best innovations, we're curious about your top 5, 10, ... ;)