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Last year my professors told me that if I wanted a good internship, I had to start my search early. So there I was, at the end of July, looking for an internship in the marketing business. I started my search on a job site, just to see if there were any companies looking for an intern. I found a few companies that were looking for marketing or communications students, I did some research and icapps just stood out. 

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful office. When I started to dig a little deeper, I really liked icapps’ business and vibe and immediately sent an email. In exactly 4 (!) minutes I got a response from Kris, the marketing and sales manager, asking me if we could meet up. And since that very quick response, I knew that icapps would be the perfect company for my internship.

On the first Thursday of my internship, I was a little bit nervous but also really excited to meet everyone in person. Although it wasn’t very easy because of the whole corona-situation, we still made it work. My main project for the following weeks was to create an employer branding campaign. What a cool job, right? As I talked to my fellow students, I think I had my hands on the nicest project of them all! I really enjoyed searching for ideas and putting together my very own campaign. I love that they gave me the freedom to try new things and to explore in which direction I wanted to go with my project. 

If I wanted some time off to think about my campaign, I helped Caro out by creating content for social media. If I had any questions there was always somebody to help me. We also had a meeting every two or three weeks. That’s when Emilia, Kris, and I talked about how I, and also how they, felt about the internship and if I had enough things to work on. I also got feedback on my project and the way I handle it, which was very helpful for me.

Robine's marketing internship

Although I was only at the office for 1 day a week, I felt like I was part of the team. I learned so many new skills. And I think I learned this much because I got the freedom to try things myself. At school, we only see the theoretical side of the job. And icapps gave me a taste of the practical part and I loved it! What I liked most was a workshop to set up a marketing plan for a brand new app. The fact that they liked my ideas made me even more enthusiastic! Being an intern at icapps has made me realize that I really want to work in marketing. 

Because I liked icapps, the team, and the project I got so much, I will be here for my next internship too! I am looking forward to it already.

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