Meet Guy Van der Sande, our new Head of consultancy.

“By offering companies temporary reinforcement and helping them plan for the long term, we support sustainable growth”

With the appointment of Guy Van der Sande as its Head of consultancy, the icapps consulting division is starting a new chapter. Guy’s experience and drive promise an interesting era of innovation and growth for this division. Learn more about Guy Van der Sande, his ambitions, and his vision for the future.

In these times of rapid digital evolution, companies must adapt and plan ahead. For many organizations, it can be challenging to stay up to date with the never-ending flow of technological changes and digital trends. Enter icapps. As experts in the design and development of digital products, we understand both the need to keep up with the latest technologies and the importance of long-term strategic thinking. This is why we offer our customers more than design and development: we also provide consulting services to help them define and implement strong digital strategies.

“We strive to offer advice and expert assistance to companies that do not have the expertise or resources they need to achieve a successful digital transformation themselves. The consulting division at icapps provides organizations with temporary reinforcement. We don’t just offer assistance in finding solutions to current problems, we also help them prepare for future challenges and opportunities. This is how we provide long-term added value and allow companies to transform and grow sustainably,” says Guy Van der Sande. He joined icapps as Head of consultancy at the beginning of 2024.

Hello Guy, a glance at your LinkedIn profile shows you have built up quite a nice career in the digital industry already. Could you tell us more about this?

“After completing a degree in IT and working for the government for several years, I became an IT consultant in 2000 – right when the digital revolution truly got started. I worked with large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Pfizer and Electrabel. Data consolidation and analysis were recurrent themes within these projects. After my time as a consultant, I was a competence centre manager at USG Professionals for another 12 years. I now intend to put all that experience and knowledge to use in aid of the further growth of icapps’ consulting division.”


What will this involve in practice?

“The aim is to share our icapps expertise with customers, in order to help them achieve their goals. We reinforce their teams temporarily, after which they are capable of handling the further creation and development of digital products and services on their own. Even though many companies do have development teams of their own, they often lack the specific expertise needed. At icapps we are familiar with all the latest developments and trends in the areas of UX and UI design, mobile development, app development, back-end development, cloud engineering, and project management. We like sharing this knowledge with our customers. This is how we can offer them added value on top of the digital products we design for them.”

Basically, icapps employees act as temporary members of another company’s team. How does this contribute to their own growth?

“They enjoy the contrast between internal icapps jobs and consulting work. They find it enriching to venture outside of their familiar icapps environment, however great a place to work this may be. Adapting to different, often larger, companies forces them out of their comfort zone. They learn new ways of working and bring what they’ve learned back with them to icapps. The cross-pollination works out nicely.”

That sounds very promising. What are your own ambitions as Head of consultancy?

“I see it as my mission to turn icapps into the benchmark for digital solutions. Everyone is aware of our digital product expertise by now. However, it is less widely known that we also work with companies on-site to help them plan and build digital solutions for the future. I want to position icapps more prominently in this respect. In my own role, I am involved in technical matters and have a lot of contact with customers. For me, that is the best of both worlds. Besides, the fun, dynamic culture at icapps suits me very well.”