We are really happy to announce Sander's appointment as the new Head of Technology. Sander’s journey from a young developer at Cronos to a pivotal figure at icapps is a testament to his expertise and visionary approach. In this interview, Sander shares insights into his career progression, his vision for the future, and the challenges he anticipates in his new role.

His journey to icapps

Sander's career began at Cronos, where he quickly advanced from a developer to a technical lead and then to an architect. His experience spanned various projects, encompassing web, mobile, and backend development. After six years, Sander found a perfect fit with icapps, then known for our mobile development focus at the time.

“I had a good connection with Olivier, founding partner of icapps, and was impressed by the company’s working methods, atmosphere, and the potential for growth,” Sander recalls. Joining as a technical lead in team 7up, Sander’s initial goal was to bolster the Backend Team. His efforts saw the team grow substantially in both colleagues and projects after his role expanded to encompass different Backend and Cloud technologies in a comprehensive vision for icapps.

From Chapter Lead to Head of Technology

As a Chapter Lead, Sander’s responsibilities included being a solution architect, coaching team members, managing projects, and client relations. His hands-on approach to designing and building projects, combined with his knack for coaching and client management, positioned him perfectly for the Head of Technology role.

“I enjoyed combining technical aspects with project management and client interaction. It’s a balance I find incredibly rewarding,” says Sander. His collaboration with our previous CTO, Jeroen Trappers, and his involvement in business development and technical vision set the stage for his new role.

New challenges

Sander acknowledges the challenges ahead, particularly in developing a cohesive vision for icapps amidst rapid technological advancements. “Innovation, AI, and new developments are happening quickly. Our challenge is to maintain project quality while guiding clients effectively,” he explains. Sander’s approach is to balance innovation with practical implementation, ensuring that icapps remains at the forefront of technological advancements without compromising on quality.

A vision for the future

Looking ahead, Sander is enthusiastic about the role of AI and data in shaping personalized user experiences. He envisions a future where the combination of websites, mobile apps, backends, and internal systems create seamless, data-driven interactions.

“Technology is the heart of our operations. With extensive experience across diverse technologies and sectors, we make a positive impact every single day. One of my primary goals is to empower our icapps experts to amplify this impact and celebrate our successes more openly. At icapps, we’ve traditionally maintained a modest mindset, keeping our achievements internal,” Sander states. He emphasizes that icapps should be more vocal about its technological expertise and the success of its projects.

Bolero app revamp: showcasing expertise through innovation

Sander cites the recent revamp of the Bolero app as a standout project. “The Bolero app, one of Belgium’s most well-known investment platforms, was due for an update. We used new technologies like Jetpack for Android and SwiftUI for iOS. The project had a significant impact, improving UX, UI, and technical performance by 300%,” he shares proudly. The smooth rollout and positive user feedback were a testament to the team’s hard work and innovation.

Staying updated and hands-on

Despite his leadership role, Sander remains hands-on with technology. He values staying connected with his network, experimenting with new technologies, and attending conferences to stay ahead of industry trends. “I like to play with new technologies and create proofs of concept. When I get excited about something, I know it’s worth exploring further,” he says.