In the ever-evolving world of technology, partnerships act as catalysts, propelling innovation to new heights. At icapps, we don't just see the open source community as a "nice-to-have" but rather as the very foundation of countless IT solutions that drive progress. 

Recently, icapps and Sulu CMS decided to partner, and you might be wondering why. In this interview, our colleagues Jeroen, Chief Technology Officer, and Sander, Backend Lead, will shed light on the significance of this collaboration and its ties to the open-source community.

What is Sulu CMS?

Sulu CMS is a dynamic content management system seamlessly integrated with Symfony PHP. It can transform your content administration and publishing experience with highly tailored solutions on the backend. Both Symfony and Sulu stand as open-source champions, offering free access to their robust features and professional communities. 

How does this partnership tie into the open source community and icapps' mission?

Jeroen: The open source community serves as the foundation for numerous global IT solutions. At icapps, we've adopted the idea that leveraging the expertise of this community enables us to focus our efforts on innovation rather than starting from scratch. This collaborative approach accelerates progress, encourages worldwide collaboration, and advocates for transparent development.

Sander: Furthermore, open source embodies the concept of collective growth. It emphasizes our role as part of a larger whole, aligning perfectly with the core values at the heart of icapps' mission.

So, why did icapps choose to partner specifically with Sulu?

Sander: When it comes to PHP Symfony development, Sulu stands out as an incredibly adaptable, enterprise-grade CMS. Its modular architecture seamlessly integrates, delivering top-notch quality and speed to our clients. Moreover, the vibrant and supportive Sulu community is an ecosystem we were eager to join.

Jeroen: I couldn't agree more. Sulu offers the robustness required for complex solutions and the scalability our clients demand. Our partnership with Sulu was a natural fit, aligning our goals with their exceptional capabilities.

Can you elaborate on icapps' investment in open-source projects and the support provided to the community?

Jeroen: Certainly. While utilizing open-source solutions is invaluable, we firmly believe in giving back. Through dedicating our time, resources, and expertise, we play a role in ensuring the sustainability and growth of these essential tools. It's our way of showing gratitude and ensuring the community thrives.

Sander: From a technical perspective, it's a win-win scenario. Our contributions, whether in the form of bug fixes, enhancements, or new features, come full circle to benefit us and our clients. The increased quality, speed, and possibilities are undeniable.

How has the partnership with Sulu influenced icapps' approach towards open-source contributions?

Sander: It's reinforced our belief in active participation. Being close with the Sulu team and understanding their roadmap and challenges has allowed us to align our contributions better. This collaboration has shown us the direct impact of our contributions, making the process even more rewarding.

Jeroen: Exactly. We're not just passive consumers. We're co-creators. This partnership has further energized our team, encouraging more internal initiatives to support and contribute to open-source projects.

What message would you like to share with companies still hesitant about diving into open source or forming such partnerships?

Jeroen: Open source isn't just a trend. It's a movement that's shaped the tech landscape. By joining this community and forming meaningful partnerships, companies can propel themselves forward, gaining access to innovations at unmatched speeds.

Sander: And remember, it's not a one-way street. While you benefit immensely, your active participation will shape the future of technology. It's an opportunity to be part of something transformative.

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