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Kinepolis represents an innovative cinema concept that is considered groundbreaking within the industry. They are a cinema chain with more than 111 complexes in 9 different countries and has extended the traditional cinema experience to include a diverse selection of world cinema and entertainment experiences while providing its audiences maximum flexibility in choosing when, where, and how to enjoy its entertainment offering. The Kinepolis experience combines state-of-the-art presentation with premium seating experiences and amenities to provide its guests with 'the ultimate movie experience.'

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Even the tiniest details are essential in the glittering world of cinema and entertainment. Kinepolis, a big player in entertainment, wanted to upgrade their online movie ordering system. They noticed more people are using it, so they wanted to make sure it's easy and enjoyable for everyone. So, it was time for a change. Our established partnership with Kinepolis made icapps the ideal choice for this assignment. That's how icapps became part of the story, to improve the e-shop.

What we did

The project began with a big meeting involving various stakeholders to identify the needs of all internal parties (B2B, B2C, etc.). We discussed what was necessary, gearing up for a project to enhance the cinema retail experience. Our designers crafted plans for the e-shop, and later, we delved into the specifics of the technical aspects, addressing payment systems, internal ERP systems, and more.

From UX/UI design to development

Our skilled designers initially crafted designs for the e-shop, aligning them with Kinepolis' branding. This set the stage for our developers to build the web app that fulfilled Kinepolis' expectations.

Navigating the challenges

Every cinematic masterpiece has challenges, and the e-shop revitalization was no exception. The technical side, a maze of services, needed careful attention. A gentle touch is required to ensure that viewing, buying, and delivering work well together. With modules for customers, businesses, and an admin portal, we had to manage everything carefully.

Amidst the diverse group of business and technical stakeholders at Kinepolis, Stef Nerinckx (ICT Manager at Kinepolis) was our Single Point of Contact (SPOC), adeptly orchestrating decisions and resource allocations. This played a crucial role in our close collaboration.


What we are looking for at Kinepolis is a true partnership. We need a partner with whom we can always work together positively and constructively, and we have certainly found that with icapps.

Stef Nerinckx Manager ICT at Kinepolis

A complex integration

The challenge wasn't just about improving the e-shop; it involved seamlessly integrating it with the intricacies of the technical landscape. This project involved carefully combining different systems. Collaborating with Adyen facilitated a streamlined approach to payments, while our integration with Vista for internal ERP added a layer of efficiency to the entire process. This complex process of blending various technical parts shows how dedicated we are to making Kinepolis' customers have a smooth and well-put-together online shopping experience.

The grand finale:

The e-shop is now live! Our roadmap is brimming with additional features, carefully crafted to provide Kinepolis' customers with a highly personalized experience.

Our collaboration with Kinepolis goes beyond the e-shop. We've developed the PWA "Kinepolis Movie Now" to elevate the movie-going experience. Moreover, we've lent our support to the Kinepolis team, offering our expertise in UX/UI for various projects.

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