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Mijn Antwerpen

With 94 percent of Antwerp residents owning smartphones, the city decided to prioritize mobile accessibility in its digital makeover. Experience Antwerp in a whole new way with "Mijn Antwerpen." This user-friendly app puts the city’s services at your fingertips, whether you're a local or just passing through. "Mijn Antwerpen" is your go-to hub for discovering activities and accessing city services. From scheduling appointments to navigating city resources, it's designed to make life easier for Antwerp's residents and visitors.

  • React Native
  • Node.js


The City of Antwerp faced the challenge of consolidating all its services into one simple app. The aim? Crafting a user-friendly virtual “one-stop city counter” to streamline how locals and tourists access everything Antwerp offers. This app had to be a go-to self-service portal for all city needs, acting as a central hub to connect users with essential services effortlessly.

What we did

Based upon the thorough research of Antwerp, we started a POC (proof of concept), where we tested our ideas. Then, we got into the nitty-gritty of building the app and ensuring it works smoothly with Analytics. Our main aim from the get-go was to make the app accessible to everyone. We combined web views and custom development to bring all our services under one roof. Accessibility was our top priority throughout the whole process.

Project initiation

The project began with detailed planning meetings involving people from Antwerp and Digipolis. These meetings helped us to set clear goals and outline the app's main features. It's important to highlight that the City of Antwerp conducted thorough preliminary research to determine what would be included in the app. This approach ensured the app's development was well-informed and aligned with the citizens’ needs. Additionally, Digipolis played a crucial role in this collaborative effort as the City of Antwerp's IT partner.

User engagement and feedback

After a detailed process where both Antwerp residents and experts shared their thoughts and expectations on the future city app, it was clear that a custom app would best meet the users' needs. The City of Antwerp and IT partner Digipolis launched a search to find a strategic development partner to turn these ideas into a user-friendly app that everyone could use. That's how icapps became part of this project.

We actively involved users throughout the development process, from wireframes to the beta testing phase. This approach ensured that the app was user-friendly and tailored to meet the specific needs of Antwerp's citizens.


I immensely appreciated the transparent communication with icapps. Their ability to effortlessly translate the City of Antwerp’s various services into a user-friendly app was impressive.

Joris Heirbaut Director of Customer Management and Digital Services at the City of Antwerp

Development strategy

During the project, icapps and Digipolis teamed up closely. We blended our teams and worked side by side. Digipolis kicked things off with a thorough functional analysis, then icapps came in to polish and put it all into action. We worked hand in hand, switching up our working location weekly to ensure collaboration was at its best.

At Digipolis, every work package is overseen by a dedicated business analyst who delves into the technical intricacies. Each work package represents a distinct feature within the app. For instance, there are work packages for the "A-kaart," authentication, wayfinding (the city map), e-desk, and activities.

Whenever we hit a snag, we brainstormed together to find the best way forward!


I am thrilled not only by the app and its features but also by its potential to serve as a catalyst for digital transformation in public service.

Youri Segers CDO/CIO at the city of antwerp

Technical challenges and solutions

Combining different city services into one app and adding authentication was quite challenging. The teams worked hard to ensure the app had many features and worked smoothly and quickly. Custom development on the interactive city map and easy integration of the "A-kaart” feature show the smart solutions used. An “A-kaart” gives you access to various city services and saves points for fine benefits and discounts.

You can log into the app via SMS, email, or ItsMe. However, to request an “A-kaart,” you must log in via ItsMe. This “strong” authentication is needed to make appointments in the city. In contrast, a “weaker” authentication like email or SMS is enough if you just want to get push notifications, for instance.

The app allows you to make any requests or appointments that require you to be in the city. You can also find a Velo bike, locate museums, and filter through the interactive map for doctors' offices, pharmacies, and more. Whatever you need, the app provides it. Users will also get an overview of what's happening in the city and the different districts, which will be integrated into the A-map. Antwerp residents can access various city services and save points for benefits and discounts with this card, which is still a physical card today.

"My experience with Mijn Antwerpen has been incredibly smooth and collaborative. It stands out as one of the best projects I've participated in in my career. Everyone involved was enthusiastic, open, and always ready to lend a hand to ensure its success." - Willem Horsten, Backend developer at icapps.

Key features in the app

  • Interactive City Map: This feature, involving extensive custom development, allows users to explore various points of interest across the city.
  • A-kaart Integration: This feature allows users to scan their city cards to accrue points, encouraging engagement through a gamified approach to city service utilization.


As one of the first app-builders in Belgium, we are very honored to help build this project for the city where we are based, in our offices overlooking the MAS.

Kris Kemland CCO at icapps

Collaborative dynamics

The project's success was largely due to the great collaboration between icapps, the City of Antwerpen, and Digipolis. Regular alternating on-site sessions contributed to a deeper understanding among the teams, fostering a creative and productive work environment.


Theory put into practice: a close and excellent cooperation between IT-teams with different expertise, combined with high involvement and commitment by all stakeholders on all levels. Necessary ingredients for successful IT-projects.

Joost Devos Project Lead at the City of Antwerp

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