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In 2011, Monizze was founded as a result of the implementation of electronic meal vouchers. They were the first company to jump on this and it gave them a giant leap forward compared to their competitors, who were still using paper meal vouchers. And with Colruyt on board as their first partner, Monizze was off to a great start. By now, they are much more than only a provider of electronic meal vouchers, they implemented 4 other solutions, such as Eco, Gift, Activ, and Consumption benefits, all combined in one platform. Ready to help employers improve the purchasing power of their employees.

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The issue

Starting January 2016, only electronic meal vouchers would be issued, which increased the importance of a good-looking and functioning app. That is why Monizze knocked on our door to find a fitting digital solution. We have been partnering with them ever since.

What we did

We took on the project and created a mobile application in which users can easily access their personal MyMonnize account to check their balance and recent purchases.We kept on challenging Monizze and by now we added a lot of new functionalities to the application, all of this in pleasant collaboration with Monizze.

Almost starting from scratch

Since electronic meal vouchers were the new standard in the Belgian market, Monizze needed a partner to create a digital, good-looking solution. Although, we didn’t start from scratch on this project. Monizze already created an application with another partner before we took over. Since they weren’t pleased with the existing application, they decided to knock on our door to reinvent their app. We kicked off the project with a Think phase to create a clear strategy, to define the bigger picture, and to determine priorities.

Searching for the right collaboration

“In the beginning, we struggled a little to find a way to work together. With Monizze being a startup at that time, there were a lot of different ideas, changes of mind, and a constant switch between contact persons,” says Gilles Ver Elst, project manager at Monizze. 

Since we both felt that this couldn’t lead to a productive collaboration, we sat the teams down with our account manager, Filip Berten, and together we decided on a new way of working. Ever since it has been a smooth process that reflected on the improvement of the application.


By now we really found the perfect way of collaborating. Icapps perfectly captures our needs and has the know-how to guide us towards an even better digital experience.

Gilles Ver Elst Product Manager at Monizze

More than a balance check app

In the beginning, Monizze noticed that most users checked their balance via their MyMonizze account on the website. With the implementation of “Activ”, the sports cheques, there was a definite shift towards more mobile users. This implied that the focus on a user-friendly experience had to be increased, definitely with the future plans of adding more features and buttons to the app in mind. Because what works for an application with three features, won’t be as easy to manage for an application with more than 6 features. That is why our UX designers collaborate with the UX designers at Monizze, to make the in-app experience as pleasant and easy as possible for any user.


With icapps, I really felt like we were working together. They gave us insights into the process, came up with new ideas, and made our voices count at all times.

Nadège Foccart Communication Manager at Monizze

Ease of use and ease of mind

icapps always strives to go for the full THINK - BUILD - CARE approach. Since we designed and built the application, we believe that we are the best fit to also offer support afterward. And so did Monizze, they were very pleased they could rely on us to support their mobile application. Whenever the MyMonizze app is not running as it should, it’s icapps to the rescue.

Monizze next generation

Monizze acknowledges the importance of an outstanding user experience. More convenience for their end-users implies that they will have to add new features, products, and buttons to the application, the interface has to be changed, the design has to be adapted. Rest assured, the next generation of the Monizze app is being prepared behind the scenes, so make sure to check your app for updates ;)

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