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KidsLife goes beyond just providing Child Benefit and Growth Package payments. They’re your trusted partner, ensuring you're fully informed and supported every step of the way. Whether you're navigating the intricacies of childcare options like nurseries or childminders or wondering about the financial aspects of maternity care, KidsLife is there to help. Beyond just payments, they offer comprehensive information on your entitlements, rights, and duties as a parent. From understanding your child's rights up to 18 to navigating social allowances and school benefits, count on KidsLife to give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your family's future.

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Kidslife provides the Growth Package in Flanders and a child benefit fund for Wallonia and Brussels. They have been using a web-based customer portal for several years. Rising customer expectations are making this customer portal an increasingly popular communication platform for KidsLife users and (future) parents. KidsLife also offers added value by developing and sharing its expertise and knowledge. Unfortunately, customers and non-customers do not always find their way to this content.

What we did

Our strategists and UX designers worked together with KidsLife to shape the platform’s digital future. We succeeded in defining a strategic roadmap and a pragmatic and realistic timeline for the next few years, basing ourselves on analyses, several workshops, stakeholder and customer interviews, and a dash of icapps expertise.

A strategic journey

We kicked off the project with a UX audit. Then, we rethought and designed the website navigation to enhance the main features' discoverability. Following the UX audit, we delved into industry and analytics insights, drawing many exciting conclusions.

Afterward, we initiated user interviews. User interviews are invaluable for understanding users' feelings, desires, and preferences. They also provide insights for future designs and help identify pain points in the current solution.

This led us to our two-day digital strategy workshop and two-day blueprint workshop. During these sessions, we concluded and discussed the next steps for Kidslife.

Breathing life into design: Crafting a fresh user interface

Drawing from all the input and learnings gathered from the workshops, user interviews, and so on, our designers could start revamping the website with a fresh design and robust user experience! 

However, it's important to note that the journey toward optimizing the UX/UI is still ongoing. Exciting updates are coming in the near future. 

The result

The MyKidsLife portal has undergone significant updates, improving both user experience and efficiency. We've introduced a new, streamlined foreign login interface, replacing outdated screens with a modern, faster design. Additionally, foreign users can now confirm their own identity in the MyKidsLife system, freeing up front-office staff from these tasks.

The new self-service registration, linked directly to the KidsLife CRM system, allows employees to monitor and manage each step of the registration process more effectively. This improvement not only saves valuable time for our front office team but also enhances user account management by providing a clearer view of each account's status.

We've also upgraded the existing dashboard to offer a more contemporary look and user-friendly access to important information, making it easier and more efficient for users to find what they need.

The challenges during the development process

One of the key challenges we faced during the development was the careful calculation of various edge cases relating to child allowance. Operating across all regions in Belgium, each governed by its unique regulations, demanded strict compliance with these diverse legal frameworks.

As we continue working on the portal, we're not just adding new stuff; we're making sure it's easy for everyone to use, especially mobile-friendly. The portal is being built so that MyKidslife can work from different regions and to build the functionalities in the same way.

Collaborative growth

Our focus will lie on streamlining the login process for international users. Why? KidsLife aims to reduce the substantial costs and complexities of managing international documents. By streamlining their login process and moving to a fully digital platform through the MyKidslife Portal, they eliminate the need for costly physical document shipping. This allows their international users to access, download, and manage their documents online, enhancing efficiency and connectivity. Additionally, the portal boosts user interaction through a dedicated contact button, ensuring prompt and efficient resolution of queries, which improves the overall user experience. This strategic upgrade cuts costs and significantly improves the user experience for their foreign customers.

This new procedure will enable you to set up accounts effortlessly on your own, eliminating the need for assistance from our KidsLife front-office team. This improvement not only saves you time but also empowers you to get started with KidsLife's services more quickly. 

We're constantly working on improving our technical infrastructure to make your experience even better.

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