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Publiq UiTPAS

Publiq is a not-for-profit organization with a management agreement with the Flemish government. They offer a platform to bring together organizers and audiences and provide an overview of leisure activities. Publiq’s main goal is to promote participation and connect different audiences. As of today, they have three main products, UiTPAS (a physical saving/reward card for passing time activities in Flanders ), UiTinVlaanderen (an activity calendar), and museumpass (a museum subscription card). UiTPAS is a loyalty card that provides discounts and advantages to its holders for participating in cultural and other activities, such as museums, sports, clubs, and theaters. With UiTPAS, they aim to promote accessibility and participation among all citizens.

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Publiq offers a variety of advantages for its UiTPAS holders. They want to encourage participation in cultural and social activities by providing a system that accumulates points for every activity attended. These points can be redeemed for discounts or free entrance tickets to participating venues. Since they felt there was still some lack of knowledge about where and how to collect points, they want to introduce a user-friendly digital product to give their users that little extra push and enhance the digital experience. The existing mobile application was outdated, and they felt it was time to rethink the digital experience of their users.

What we did

Together with Publiq, we started a strategy track. We set up interviews with all involved stakeholders, and we asked the target audience about their current experience when going out and planning pastime activities. During our workshop, we first aligned on the overall vision of the product before drawing out the different user flows. For Publiq, aligning internally on the positioning of the new mobile app versus the existing web app was crucial. So, we created the “dream application” for UiTPAS... This dream app enrolled in a vision that helped them convince their board members to invest in this digital product. From there on, we set up a roadmap to working toward a first, light version of the application to eventually evolve toward a full-blown dream app at the pace of Publiq.

Taking a step back before making a leap forward

To start with, UiTPAS had two digital products at their disposal; a website that provided an overview of events and cultural activities in the local area and a mobile application. However, the primary challenge at the project's outset was determining how the mobile app could add value without duplicating the website's content. This was the first question we tackled by guiding UiTPAS through our strategy track to find an answer. Using various workshops and user interviews, we gained insights into how the audience used UiTPAS's digital products and how they interacted with them. 

For instance, we discovered that some cardholders didn't use the product, that UiTPAS points weren't always exchanged for benefits, and that some users only collected points using their cards and didn't use digital channels. We interviewed various stakeholders - from local governments to cultural centers - to identify their issues with existing tools and explore their overall requirements for the upcoming digital product.

Exploring possibilities together

In our think phase, icapps needed to get to know the playing field of UiTPAS. By doing market research, we clearly understood the value proposition for organizers and participants. Another crucial - yet fun - part of our research was investigating what other digital loyalty reward systems exist, like JOYN or Starbucks, and what makes them so desirable. All these insights we gathered in our blueprint workshop, where we distilled Publiq’s vision in concrete user flows and first raw sketches. 

This was used as the briefing document from our strategists to our design team. They made an absolute bomb design on what the dream app would look like at the end of the road. All this input led to a concrete slide deck, which helped the UiTPAS-team to rally the troops behind the idea.


At every step of the way, UiTPAS presented us with challenges that compelled us to ensure that every aspect of our work covered the needs of all stakeholders, including Publiq-UiTPAS, users, and event organizers.

Nicolas Van der Wee Creative Strategist at icapps

Aiming for the sky, starting with the basics

When creating a new digital product, we encourage our customers to think big and explore multiple possibilities with an open mind. It's important to consider every option and incorporate them all into the blueprint of your future dream application. UiTPAS started this journey with us, seeking to improve the digital experience for its users. We conducted stakeholder interviews to identify their wants and needs for a digital product and uncover the existing system's weak spots. 

This approach allowed us to understand better the features that needed to be included in the new product and what would have added value to them. We defined what the nice-to-haves and the must-haves are in this project. We developed a comprehensive roadmap that outlines the project's trajectory towards UiTPAS's ultimate goal: their dream application. The roadmap breaks down the project into manageable steps, starting with the basics and gradually building upon them.

The follow-up story to this project

The end goal of UiTPAS is to make its advantages and discounts more visible to its cardholders. Since they noticed that a lot of cardholders weren’t exchanging their points for rewards, they needed to find a way to make UiTPAS more accessible. Introducing features like notifications when you enter an activity or museum where you can collect points, making a family account that gives access to the points of your entire family, and making it both collect and exchange these points more easily. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

UiTPAS now has numerous ideas and options to create an exceptional experience. We guide them toward their journey one step at a time.


You can instantly feel that the people at Publiq have a heart for their products. They want to create value for their community, and that mindset spreads very easily. We can look back on a project full of efficiency, a can-do mentality, clear communication, and just good work.

Helena Standaert Full-stack developer at icapps

A mobile application was (re)born

After determining a set of features for the MVP version, we built a React Native application that is being distributed to both iOS and Android. It integrates with the user’s UiTPAS account and offers the possibility to scan a QR code and earn points.

Since we started with UiTPAS in a strategy track, we were able to really figure out the core features and functionalities. We set up a roadmap, defined priorities, and set out the scope for the project. The project went smoothly and agile. With their community-driven spirit, they made the reflex to align with their most important stakeholders. After successfully launching the first MVP, we keep on guiding them step by step through further development, helping them aim for the sky with their digital product.

Introducing the latest app version

Since its launch, the UitPAS app has undergone some fantastic updates to improve the user experience. Wondering what's new? Let us fill you in:

  1. Inspiration page: Discover the hidden gems in your region. UiTPAS understands that pass holders often miss out on amazing benefits available to them. That's why they introduced an "Inspiration" page, where you can explore the perks of your region.
  2. Exchange benefits with ease: With the latest version of the app, you can now redeem online benefits, including discount codes, right within the app. It's a seamless process designed to make your life simpler.
  3. Effortless benefit search: Looking for something specific? The new version of the app allows you to search for benefits effortlessly and even filter the results to find exactly what you need.
  4. Welcome and exchanged benefits: Managing your benefits has never been more convenient. In the "My UiTPAS" section, pass holders can now access a comprehensive overview of both their welcome benefits and the benefits they've exchanged. It's a game-changer for keeping track of your perks.

What's next, you ask? We're dedicated to improving the app's experience for families. Stay tuned for exciting updates on that front.

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