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Telenet TADAAM

TADAAM is a bunch of Telenet engineers with one simple and big idea: connecting one’s home internet and TV through mobile networks. Order TADAAM before 22h, and get it delivered the next business day. Just unbox, find power and you’ll have access to the internet and TV! No cables, no technicians. On-the-spot connection to the world. And since innovation & disruption are founding values at Telenet, as a ‘spin-in’, Tadaam has the freedom to quickly experiment with technologies and business models, with the solid backup of the group.

The issue

Apart from an IT system, TADAAM includes a website and TV applications for 7 platforms. Because that’s a lot to deal with, the creators of TADAAM needed a flexible cross-platform technology.

What we did

We took on the project from A to Z and created an allround product that the client easily orders online. Immediately after ordering, they can download the apps and start watching TV. Within 24 hours the TADAAM box is being delivered at their place.

Searching for an experienced business partner

Our partnership with TADAAM was founded already more than a year ago. As we said, TADAAM started as a crazy idea within the Telenet group and we were excited to step aboard when they came knocking at our door. Kristien Vercruysse, Project Manager at TADAAM: “We chose icapps as a partner to support us with their extensive platform expertise. We needed a technology that was very applicable to our services and icapps instantly knew that React was the way to go!"

Taking the lead in branding

“Since we were just a little startup, in the beginning, we needed someone to help us with all of our design matters. So we were eager to rely on Tine’s (UX Expert at icapps) expertise to provide designs for our applications, our website, and our social media.” Kristien says.

“Because of the variety of designs, I needed a broad skill set,” Tine Lavrysen explains, “Of course I took care of the UX, but I also needed to take care of the print design for the delivery box and created visuals for invoices. Movies, animations, and web design also became part of my job. I loved the team’s startup vibe!

Although by now, TADAAM works with a dedicated marketing agency for all social media and marketing designs, they still rely on Tine for a lot of other work. As of today, she is still in charge of designing landing- and web pages, and she provides all the design elements for the app. “Tine has a great eye for design, she seamlessly interpreted our visual outlay and was always very consistent. So TADAAM has a very clear and recognizable brand identity that didn’t change over time.” so Kristien says.  


That is the great thing about working with icapps, they have this pro-active attitude we really appreciate in a partner.

Kristien Vercruysse Project Manager at TADAAM

Continuous improvement

The app is now live for some time, but we keep on improving it. New deliverables are implemented, ideas of the TADAAM team are realized and different features are added. Because of the close collaboration and great partnership with TADAAM, communication is open and easy. “We have a lot of great ideas, sometimes possible, sometimes impossible.” Kristien Vercruysse laughs, “Matthias (Nys, developer at icapps) can always put our feet back on the ground. He listens to our desires, analyses them, and sometimes he has to tell us that a certain idea is not possible. But never without providing us with a counter-proposal. That is the great thing about working with icapps, they have this pro-active attitude we really appreciate in a partner.”

icapps is part of the complete customer cycle

Once the customer decides to use TADAAM, icapps enters the process. We are part of the complete lifecycle of a TADAAM box. From logistics to delivery and set up,it’s a constant back and forth between us and TADAAM. Not that customers have any knowledge of this, it’s all hidden in the code. From shipment to delivery, the app knows it all. Once a customer buys a TADAAM box, he has to install the app. From that moment on, he can watch TV, easily via the app. When he plugs in his box, the app detects the connection and automatically sends the customer a welcome message.

From that moment on, your internet connection and TV are installed and you can sit back and relax. That’s the power of TADAAM, no technicians, no waiting. Besides that, you can use TADAAM wherever, whenever you want. A weekend by the seaside? Just bring your box, plug it in and you can start surfing.

A partner throughout the journey

As we already said, TADAAM launched in September 2019, but icapps was involved from way before. In the beginning, icapps only took care of the website, although we already managed the data that needed to be integrated into the app. But in May 2020, we took over the management of the complete application.

Even though two parties are still involved in the TADAAM application, icapps has a helicopter view over the full project. “We don’t have any developers on board at TADAAM so we fully trust icapps to keep our application on point.More technical decisions are discussed between our CTO and icapps, but overall, Matthias and the icapps team know this project's whereabouts. Even the collaboration with our other supplier is something Matthias keeps in check. We fully trust icapps as a partner.” Kristien Vercruysse, Project Manager TADAAM.

What might have started as a dream, has now become an all-around product that the client easily orders online. Immediately after ordering, you can download the apps and start watching TV. Within 24 hours the TADAAM box is being delivered to your place. Without the help of a technician, you can simply plug in the modem and start watching TV online. 

Yes, it really is that simple!

Check it out!

The video about the TADAAM & icapps collaboration

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