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TADAAM, a vibrant brand within the Telenet Group, is an innovative telecom provider offering internet and television subscriptions through mobile technology. In our quest to simplify telecom, TADAAM brings a refreshing, rebellious spirit to the Telenet ecosystem, championing ease and freedom in internet and TV services.

  • React Native
  • React
  • AWS
  • NestJS
  • Pulumi
  • Kubernetes


TADAAM encountered some obstacles in its rapid growth and success. While the initial phase supported the startup's early growth, it proved non-scalable as user demands expanded. The complexity of maintaining the systems increased and needed to be more manageable. This challenge highlighted the need for a more robust and scalable solution. As a response, a complete overhaul of the IT system took place.

What we did

We built three apps for TADAAM: a customer portal, a management tool, and the TADAAM Positioning App. But there is more. This development track also included building the backend from the ground up, where we seamlessly integrated with key third-party SaaS solutions like Stripe, Auth0, and Braze. Underlining our commitment to a security-first approach (DevSecOps), we have introduced a new cloud infrastructure that not only facilitates an optimized continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflow but also incorporates cost optimizations (FinOps).

Frontend development and UX

To improve user experience, we introduced a new modern design language, which has been applied throughout the product portfolio. We consolidated this design language in a centralized design system to ensure consistency across all applications. This provided us with a library of components that allowed us to build consistent products of higher quality that needed less effort to develop.

Let’s dive deeper into the different applications

The customer portal: Our team designed a user-friendly customer portal entirely tailored to meet the needs of TADAAM users. It provides a seamless experience for TADAAM customers to manage their services and enjoy a personalized interface.

The management tool: We've also developed a comprehensive tool exclusively for TADAAM. This tool covers all customer-facing processes, making operations more efficient for TADAAM's internal teams. It's a powerful resource to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We also developed a back-office application to streamline day-to-day operations across four different departments:

  • We created a central hub for our customer support team that helped with their efficiency and effectiveness in addressing customer needs.

  • We simplified inventory management, package creation, package returns, and package refurbishment processes for our warehouse team.

  • Another module catered to our retail shops, providing tools to enhance their operations and customer interactions.

  • A survey builder module was developed to gather valuable insights and improve marketing strategies for the marketing team.

Backend applications: A powerful API that is the central node between the frontend applications and many different on-premise or SaaS systems. It also includes a mechanism for running scheduled tasks; business processes to keep data consistent across all third-party integrations. It is an enterprise-grade piece of software built on a NesttJS foundation in a domain-driven approach. Constantly monitoring code quality and creating a stable framework for business processes to flourish.

Cloud infrastructure: It is a total cloud-hosted solution in an AWS Kubernetes stack. Absolutely no manual point-and-click setup is done. Instead, everything is maintained in decent Infrastructure-as-Code using Pulumi and Helm charts. Relying on off-the-shelf AWS services on one hand and implementing industry best practices like Grafana ArgoCD on the other hand. It is a well-architected foundation that enhances the process from business requests to production releases. Providing insights into operations and improving support mechanisms.

The TADAAM Positioning App: The TADAAM Positioning System App is a React Native application designed to improve the potential and existing customer experience for TADAAM services. It offers valuable insights into mobile network coverage, modem signal strength measurement, and management of WiFi settings.


TADAAM has always been able to call on the professional expertise and flexibility of icapps resources, which has enabled us to grow structurally in recent years.

Kristof Lead at TADAAM

Key Features

  • Mobile Network Coverage Insights: Provides users with information on mobile network coverage in their areas—and aids potential customers in assessing service suitability.

  • Measurement: Allows users to measure their TADAAM modem's signal strength accurately. Benefits new and existing customers in optimizing network performance.

  • Cell Tower Direction: Includes a user-friendly compass that displays the direction of the nearest cell tower. It helps users determine the ideal modem placement for optimal performance.

  • WiFi Settings Management: Empowers users to customize their WiFi network. Enables editing of WiFi name (SSID) and password.

What made this project truly unique?

We helped TADAAM to scale from a start-up to a scale-up and we were able to work on all layers of the product. Our colleague Leandro was able to contribute to UX/UI Design, Frontend and Backend development.

We are proceeding to give TADAAM full support for new features and maintenance.