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VAB Rijschool

VAB is the largest car assistance company in Belgium. Besides their main activity, they also offer lessons for both the theoretical and practical driver’s license exam. Because good preparation is everything, especially before you go on the road. As part of their role as a driving school, VAB has an online tool for students to practice the theoretical exam. This is a free tool, available for everyone studying for their license.

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The issue

Since the practice exam to get your driver’s license was a little outdated, VAB Rijschool wanted to upgrade the look and feel of this online tool.

What we did

We created a whole new and mobile-friendly version of the online practice exam tool in the form of a webapp. The idea remained the same but we gave the exam a fresh look.

We go way back

The previous online practice exam was already from icapps’ hand, so the question to make a refreshed version of this tool wasn't a surprise. Based on our good cooperation in the past, we were happy to step aboard for this new project.

A clear goal

From the start of this project, the goal was clear, VAB Rijschool was in need of a refreshing update of the tool we once built. So without further ado, we started this project and discussed the possibilities to update their online practice exam. To make it as user-friendly as possible,we suggested making this web app responsive so it works perfectly fine on any device.

Tested and approved

To set up the exam, we worked together with another VAB Rijschool partner who provided the qualitative questions. The exam contains 50 multiple choice questions with a minimum deadline of 15 seconds per question, this deadline can vary depending on the length of the question. To make sure users can do the exam multiple times and to ensure variety, we needed a lot of different questions. This way the test resembles the actual exam

Our developer, Jens, put this new tool to the test and aced the exam. Let’s say we are kind of glad because we gave that guy a company car. ;)

Further implementation

From the beginning of this project, KBC was on board with VAB Rijschool to insert the new practice exam in their platform and app. So this means that the codebase we built, is implemented in three different places. The integration on the KBC platform was successful so from now on you can also practice the exam via your KBC app. 

Preparing for a test was never so easy!

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