During this comprehensive and practical session, we will focus on essential strategies to cultivate awareness within your team, emphasizing accessibility as a key component of your product's DNA. We briefly touch on the legal landscape, before diving head-first into the details of accessibility standards and requirements.

We'll show you how to make use of tools such as Figma plugins to ensure accessible designs, showcasing how such tools can be integrated into your development lifecycle From automated and end-to-end testing to checklists and ongoing monitoring, we'll guide you through leveraging these technologies to fortify your product's accessibility. Moreover, we'll discuss common mistakes in implementing accessibility and provide systematic solutions to rectify them.

We're opening the floor for an "Ask the Expert" segment. This is your opportunity to pose your burning questions and challenges to our accessibility experts. Whether you're puzzled by specific compliance issues, seeking advice on integrating accessibility tools, or curious about best practices, our experts are here to offer guidance and insights.

Whether your goal is to deepen your team's understanding of accessibility, ensure compliance with legal standards, or incorporate effective tools into your development process, this webinar will serve as a beacon of knowledge and innovation in the realm of accessibility and e-inclusion. Join us to learn, engage, and take a pivotal step toward making your digital products more inclusive and accessible to all.