In a world that moves faster with each passing day, traditional roadmaps no longer suffice. They often fall short in guiding projects to success amidst rapid changes and unforeseen challenges. Recognizing this, we invite you to an exclusive webinar that promises to redefine your approach to strategic planning and execution. Our in-house experts and strategists, Nicolas Van der Wee and Geert De Laet, will dive into the evolution of roadmaps in the agile era, unveiling the principles of what we now call Roadmap 2.0. This session is your gateway to understanding why traditional roadmaps have lost their appeal, the dynamic pace of today’s world, and the crucial adjustments needed to stay ahead.

In the second part of the webinar, we open the floor for a dedicated Q&A session, aimed at tackling the questions and dilemmas you might be facing. 

With our hands-on experience with clients such as KBC/Bolero, City of Antwerp, and Telenet, we guide you in taking the right steps tailored to your organization through this webinar. 

This way, your project is guaranteed to be a success!


Nicolas Van der Wee, Digital Strategist
Geert De Laet, Lead Digital Strategist

For whom:

For anyone looking to reduce risks in product development and ensure a strong alignment between their product and the market through a strategic product planning approach. It's particularly beneficial for those facing specific challenges and seeking insights from our expert to overcome these obstacles.

* This webinar is in Dutch

To make sure we can keep this webinar interactive, spots are limited.
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