New interns mean a new project. This time, our interns had the opportunity to redesign the website for a company named De Kleine Vos. While we wanted to provide our interns with a practical and educational project, on the other side, DKV also needed some professional insights. The internship was the perfect occasion to join their forces. Keep on reading if you want to find out how our interns, Matyas, Matthias, Nicolas, and their mentor Dries, transformed the current website of De Kleine Vos.

vzw De Kleine Vos, where our interns came to help

‘De Kleine Vos’ is a center for child care and family support. They aim to offer help and improve the quality of life for families with children aged 0 to 12 years. This non-profit organization has been working daily toward an open place for all kinds of families and vulnerable people in this society. The child’s best interests are always at the forefront.

De Kleine Vos had an overall outdated website. Due to this, their target group couldn’t find the right information on their website.

Our interns were assigned to design and develop a fully functional, well-organized website that is easily adaptable in the future, even without any technical knowledge. Matyas got hooked up with the new website design while Matthias and Nicolas were busy with the development, both front-, and back-end.

The collaboration with vzw De Kleine Vos

At the beginning of every new collaboration, we want to get to know the customer to discuss their expectations. Our interns went on a company visit to De Kleine Vos. Raf, the Operational Director, gave them a tour around the property and provided them with a lot of background information.

“Very touching stories have been told. This makes it much easier to imagine for whom you are actually starting the project.” - Matyas.

We can conclude from each point of view that the communication goes very smoothly. Our interns sit down weekly with Raf to show how the process is going while Raf can give them feedback. Our interns take every piece of input they receive seriously and act on it if necessary.

“We put the customer's requirements always central and monitor them where needed. The communication with them is quite seamless.” - Nicolas.

The value of working for a customer

Redesigning the website for De Kleine Vos was a win-win situation for both of us. Our interns were given the chance to put their knowledge into practice while giving De Kleine Vos a fully functional, well-organized website.

“It is very instructive to be in direct contact with the customer. Consulting with the customer and solving problems is something I never learned during my studies.” - Matthias.

None of our interns have ever worked for a customer before, and it appears to have a positive impact on their way of working. It makes an internship more challenging because you can experience working for a real customer who expects a decent and well-working end product.

“You are not only helping De Kleine Vos, but also the people who need De Kleine Vos.” - Matthias