Are you wondering what a marketing internship at icapps looks like? Nina is here to help and will tell you all about it. A digital agency might not be your first option as someone without any technical knowledge, but here’s why you should consider it!

How did you end up at icapps?

I am originally from Groningen, Netherlands, and I am studying International Communication. As a Dutch student attending a global program, I have to spend my third year abroad. After spending my first semester in Zagreb, Croatia, I looked forward to spending my internship closer to home. Hence why I decided on Antwerp! While searching for a marketing internship, I stumbled upon icapps! I was interested in this position because of my non-technical background and the opportunity to gain experience in B2B marketing. Fast forward to now, I have spent five months at icapps and am happy that I took this opportunity.

What are the tasks you perform as a marketing intern?

I have a variety of tasks to choose from, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy my internship at icapps so much. A big portion of my daily tasks consist of social media and writing. Think of creating social media posts, copywriting, writing blogs or cases, and posting Instagram stories. There are so many different sides to marketing; you can taste a bit of everything as an intern. I am always asked whether I want to do a task and, more importantly, what topics I want to learn more about.

What do you enjoy the most about doing your internship at icapps?

I love trying out so many different aspects of marketing. Personally, I’m unsure about the specific direction I want to take after my studies. If you are in a similar position and your interests are broad, an internship at icapps could be a great fit for you!

As someone inexperienced in tech, how is it interning at a digital agency?

I like a challenge, so I thought interning at a digital agency would be great. There are so many knowledgeable colleagues around who are ready to help you if needed. This helped me a lot in understanding terminology and specific cases.

What is your favorite memory so far?

Together with the sales team, we went indoor skiing! I thought it was lovely to be invited even though I’m not officially part of the team, which is something I really like about icapps. I am not only included in work but also in the social aspect! Getting to know my colleagues outside the working environment was a blast.

Lastly, what is your favorite app?

I love TheFork! It’s an application that helps you save money on eating out. It is easy to use and has helped me save a lot of money on holidays! I definitely recommend you to give it a try this holiday season.