Say hello to Fé Van de Vyver, one of our UI designers at icapps. During this blog series, we highlight one of our colleagues discussing their job at icapps. Find out their challenges in their career, how they want to grow in their job, and get to know them a bit too. Wondering what a job as a UI designer looks like? Fé gladly explains.

How did you find your way to icapps?

I was a student at AP Hogeschool when I realized my heart was set on design. I needed to choose between print and digital, and I chose digital. That's when I stumbled upon an icapps internship opportunity on LinkedIn. Taking that chance led me here, and I've been part of the icapps family for almost a year now.

That's quite a journey! Speaking of challenges, what's the most exciting aspect of being a UI designer?

The most exciting part is that every day is different. Each project, each client brings its own unique puzzle to solve. The challenge doesn't stop at crafting designs. Presenting them to clients also gets the heart racing; you're never quite sure how they'll react until you show the designs to them.

Are there any tools you can't live without as a designer?

Absolutely. One tool that has been a game-changer for me is the FigGPT plugin for Figma. It’s an excellent tool that fills in text for designs, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to fill screens with realistic data. It can even generate names for personas. No more bland placeholder text; It’s a real-time-saver.

Efficiency is key, for sure. How do you define success in the world of design?

Success, for me, wears a couple of hats. Firstly, when a client's eyes light up when they see the design, that's a special victory. And secondly, when the design translates into an app that's simple and user-friendly for everyone to use, that's when you know you've hit the bullseye!

Great to hear! Where do you draw the most satisfaction from in your role?

There's something incredibly fulfilling about looking back at a project and knowing I've contributed to its success. It's a feeling beyond just the work, it’s about being a part of something bigger.

We all have our moments of creative block. How do you overcome those?

I turn to Dribbble and Pinterest for inspiration when creativity hits a snag. And within the icapps team, our weekly feedback sessions are a goldmine of fresh perspectives. But sometimes, stepping away from the desk, going for a walk, or enjoying the outdoors does wonders.

Now, outside of work, what's your go-to creative outlet?

Before icapps, I was in an art academy, so art is a big part of my life. Whether crafting a handmade birthday card or painting something abstract, it's my way of expressing myself creatively.

To wrap things up, what's your favorite app on your phone?

Well, I'm a fan of TikTok. It's a bit addictive, I must say. And there's this cute app, “Official” for couples where you answer daily relationship questions. It's a fun way to connect with your partner.