As we want to move towards a brighter and more sustainable future, it is crucial for companies to contribute towards sustainability. We feel the sense of urgency to act now in order to ensure a sustainable tomorrow. Together with our previous CSO, Hans van Dam, we set out the principles of our sustainability strategy and set up the first initiatives. We are fortunate to announce a new Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), Sebastiaan Vernimmen, taking over this position. Sebastiaan brings a fresh breeze and a clear vision of how we can become a more sustainable company. In this blog, we'll explore his vision, as well as the actions he wants to take toward a more sustainable future.

Building further on the vision of our previous CSO Hans Van Dam, the core principles of Sebastiaan's vision also lies in the Future Fit Framework. This framework emphasizes that our focus should not solely be on the environment, but also on our broader impact on the world. This includes issues of inclusivity, as well as our responsibility to ensure that digitalization is accessible to everyone. Sebastiaan believes that it is important to ensure that our commitment to sustainability is woven into every aspect of our daily business and that we strive to make better products that are accessible to a wider range of people.

In pursuit of this vision, Sebastiaan admires the strategic steps that are already taken toward sustainability. Still, there is a lot of work to be done. For example, while we have already started to minimize our emissions by making more sustainable choices in purchases, like working with sustainable suppliers, and opting for an electric fleet, we’re aware of the emissions that we need to compensate for. Sebastiaan believes that we can make progress by examining our largest purchases and evaluating the sustainability practices of our recurring partners. And he encourages a shift towards a circular world, where materials are reused and repurposed.

But sustainability is not just about the environment - it's also about our own well-being. By making sustainable choices, we're prioritizing ourselves as well as the planet. And while the climate crisis can be daunting, Sebastiaan believes that proper communication and collaboration can help us overcome the psychological barriers that prevent action.

Ultimately, Sebastiaan is committed to inspiring others to join us in our sustainability journey. By taking action on a larger scale, we can create a world where sustainability is inherent and logical.

Sebastiaan's vision is ambitious but achievable. So let's get to work and create a future where we're not just saving the planet, but ourselves too!