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What is Sulu, and why is it our go-to CMS

Sulu is hot and happening in the development scene. It’s also our back-end developers’ favorite solution to play around with. Sulu is the go-to CMS for back-end projects written within the PHP Symfony framework. Since it leverages a brought set of components on which we can build scalable and performant back-end solutions, it quickly became the preferred CMS for all our future projects. Our colleague and backend developer, Sander Hofman, guides you through our motivations. Let’s have a look.

Sulu CMS as a reliable backbone

We didn’t take the decision to make Sulu our number one CMS overnight. After researching different CMS possibilities and frameworks, we found that Sulu fits our developers’ and our customers’ various needs best. Sulu has a high rating on performance, reliability, and interoperability and is, therefore, the perfect go-to Cloud-Ready CMS.

Sulu was developed by digital agency professionals for digital agency professionals, and that shows. It delivers everything you need to start building your project while remaining highly efficient and extensible to meet your requirements. It’s built on top of the well-organized, feature-rich Symfony framework, mainly used to build high-performance complex web applications. The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern of Symfony is ideal for building systematic and scalable web applications. Using the MVC pattern divides the application into three independent layers

  • Model: the description of data structures and the relations between them. It focuses on complex business logic.

  • View: the interface that the application user sees

  • Controller: the layer through which the data is exchanged between the model and view layers

One of the main advantages of using this pattern is that managing such applications becomes easier since every logical part is separated from each other. Introducing changes in one area doesn't cause the need to make changes in another. For example, the same data can be used in the Admin portal as in both the web- or mobile applications. All with different views optimized for the end users’ experience. This allows us to build fully scalable yet easily maintainable and reliable back-end solutions.

Sulu CMS

Less time, fewer costs

As we said, Sulu leverages us with a set of standardized, well-tested, and documented components on which we can easily build complex and scalable yet personalized solutions tailored to any businesses’ needs. This implies that it cuts development time drastically since all repetitive tasks are streamlined. A treat for both our developers and your budget.

Since we can take full advantage of these components, we have the time to focus on other important factors like custom development and business logic for your web application. Sulu, and to the extent, all our back-end projects are headless / API first. This means that all content is instantly available through a performant REST or GraphQL API for usage in numerous applications. This gives us and your product endless possibilities.

Sulu CMS website

    Sulu gives digital service providers and agencies a robust and reliable technical foundation to build solutions that help their clients meet the challenges of digitalization

    Sander Hofman Backend Developer at icapps

    In short

    In this blog post, we showed you why Sulu is our go-to CMS, let's sum up our reasons to use Sulu and when:

    When to use Sulu as your CMS

    • Complex web scenarios

    • E-business

    • External data sources

    • Speed & performance-critical factor

    Why use Sulu

    • Off the shelf CMS

    • Fully customizable

    • Build on top of a set of powerful components

    • Save expensive developer time (routine tasks)

    • Easy handover and knowledge sharing (framework)

    • Headless
      • Back-end: focus on back-end

      • Front-end: focus on front-end

      • Reach every customer: mobile, web, tv,...

      • Reuse content across devices

    • Security

    • Performance & scalability

    In our next blogs from this series, we'll tell you more about how Sulu can elevate your business, how it stole the hearts of many marketers, and why our developers quickly learned the advantages of this CMS.

    If you can't wait to read up on Sulu, you can find a lot of information on their website: https://sulu.io