With the season in full swing, it's the perfect time to discover some applications to make your summer easier and more enjoyable. So, we asked our colleagues about their favorite summer apps! Clear some space on your phone and take notes because you need these apps for your holidays.

1. Once Upon

      Summer is the time to make memories with loved ones, and you want to make sure these memories are stored forever! Although you can easily access all your holiday photos through your phone, it might be fun to make a photo album full of extra-special memories. Create an album as a gift or just for yourself!

      2. Yuka

          If you haven’t put on sunscreen today, this is your reminder. Yes, even if the sun isn’t shining, it is still important to apply sunscreen. Make sure the sunscreen you use doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, Yuka can help with that. From sunscreen to other cosmetic products and even food, Yuka will tell you whether it’s safe for your body or not. In that light, we also recommend UVLens to see the daily UV index.

          3. Komoot

            Many of our colleagues are very passionate about exercise, like hiking or cycling. It’s not a surprise they love to do this in another country as well! Apps like Komoot or Mapy.cz offers the best hiking and cycling experiences across Europe. This app is also very handy when it comes to planning your own route. Don’t forget to log this in your Strava. You know what they say: If it ain’t on Strave, it didn’t happen!

            4. Pocket

              Are you not the exercising type, and would you rather sit by the countryside to read a book? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. We recommend Pocket! Pocket is an app where you can read all kinds of content from different sources. Did you see something you’d like to read later? Save it for later. It’s a perfect application for on the go when traveling.

              5. ObsIdentify

                Are you a nature lover? Do you love to get out and look for the most beautiful plants out there? Then, this app is a must-have for you! ObsIdentify will identify any plant that you come across during your walk. The app will store all the plants you’ve photographed, and they will be added to the largest nature databases. This way, you can also contribute to citizen science. A good addition to this app is Merlin Bird ID, which identifies birds through photos and audio.

                6. Kiwi

                  Life is more expensive than ever, so Kiwi will be a huge help in finding cheap flights for you and your family! Most of these flights are located in Europe, but they also have some options in countries like India or Dubai. Additionally, you can rent cars or book hotels through this app as well!

                  7. Buienradar

                    We’re still in Belgium, after all… Buienradar is not just recommended; it’s necessary here. But on the positive side, there’s also a Zonradar, which tells you when to expect the sun to shine. Although Zonradar isn't available as an app, we recommend this website for its sunnier outlook compared to Buienradar.

                    8. Mijn Antwerpen

                      So, let’s say the sun is shining, and you’re located in Antwerp, but you have no idea what to do. Then Mijn Antwerpen comes in super handy! You can find all the different events planned around the city in this app. And no, we're not biased, though maybe we are, considering we developed this app in collaboration with the city.

                      9. Raisin Digital

                        Looking for a bar to relax in the evening? Or maybe you’re an avid wine lover and want to taste all there is? Raisin Digital will then come in handy! You can find bars, cafés, and restaurants all around Belgium, Italy, France, and more. The in-depth reviews will definitely help you choose a place to go.

                        10. Rummikub

                          If you’re in need of a game to pass some of your time, Rummikub is the one! It's fun and, for many, a bit nostalgic as well. Strips.be also recently launched its own app, so if you enjoy that nostalgic feeling and love reading comics, it's worth checking out too!