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AGC References

AGC Glass is the world leader in flat glass: they produce, process and distribute flat glass for the building and automotive industries and for the solar and high-tech sectors. The European branch has its headquarters in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Every AGC reference, accessible anywhere

The AGC References app is a free app for Android and iOS that showcases AGC’s external glazing and interior decorative glass solutions in commercial, residential and industrial buildings across the globe. It can be used by architects and other professionals in the building sector to look up AGC’s references worldwide. The app contains useful and detailed information about every reference (location, architects, owners, description and information about the glazing), as well as high quality pictures.

Browse the library

Through the search engine, users can look up references in the library, using a variety of search criteria: category (exterior, interior), country, type of product , application (e.g. balcony, glass roof, facade), type of building (e.g. airport, apartment block, healthcare, hotel), environmental certification, and brand.

Go on a real-life tour!

In addition to this interactive library, the app can also - literally! - take you on a journey along architectural pearls across the world: you can build, save and follow routes along different reference buildings.

Built by icapps

The app was built by icapps from A to Z: content management system, backend, and native frontend for Android and iOS. The first version dates from 2015, with changes executed over the next two years to optimize both the user experience and the ease of management for AGC.

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