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Fons Jr.

Fosbury & Sons is offering a new kind of workplace, one that values the humanity of the people within its walls. But, more than that, they aim to create a space that no longer catered to an outdated view of work. They call it ‘The Renaissance of Work’.

Whether you’re a small business who wants to belong to a bigger group, or a large multinational who’s including a more extensive selection of workspaces in your portfolio, Fosbury & Sons offers a wide range of top-quality office solutions.

Birth cards and sugar beans to celebrate Fons Jr.

The office of today and tomorrow has to be flexible. People need to be able to easily use meeting rooms whenever they require one. Fosbury & Sons therefore wanted a structured method to book meeting rooms. On top of that, connecting all its members is a number one priority.

We jumped to the rescue and developed the ‘Fons Jr.’ app. The main purpose of the application was to make members’ life easier (and more fun!).

Next to booking meeting rooms and consulting today’s menu, they can also discover other coworkers in a playful way, by inviting them for a cup of coffee or a game of pool. Fons Jr. is there to connect, not to communicate. Fosbury & Sons is a big fan of real-life interactions. Therefore, Fons Jr. also displays upcoming events, so you won’t miss out on the next workshop or apéro!

Discovering the advantages of code sharing

Developing this app has been extremely interesting, since it allowed us to discover the many advantages of code sharing. React Nativewas used to build this app for mobile, and React for web. This meant the logic behind the code had to be written just once. It could immediately be shared on web, iOS and Android, instead of writing the code three times.

This saves an enormous amount of time and money. In the future, we want to use this way of working more often. It’s been a pleasure to finalise an entire project with this method.

Backend integration

Our technology was integrated into a backend, which was developed by an external partner: ZapfloorHQ. This company is specialized in workspace management software for working spaces.

Fons Jr. has been launched in February, and even now during maintenance we still enjoy the advantages of working with React Native and React. It is much more efficient, since we have to do functional adaptations only once or twice, instead of doing this separately for each platform.

Again, we experienced a very pleasant cooperation and we are looking forward to the next developments of the project!

Close collaboration

Fosbury & Sons really went out of its way to make us feel welcome. At the start of the collaboration, we received a box containing a membership card. This way the whole team working on the app was able to use the flexdesks provided by Fosbury & Sons. Every two weeks we visited our customer for the sprint planning and demos. Everything was always perfectly facilitated.

Our close collaboration was very productive. When the app was starting to take shape, the client could request adaptations whenever they liked. This allowed us to implement them directly into the development process.

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