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Being the largest animal rights organization in Belgium, GAIA unites over 75.000 loyal members who support their actions and campaigns. They wanted to create an app that helps their members to become even more the admirable and dedicated animal protectors they already are.

The issue

GAIA wanted to create an app that allows their members to become animal protectors 3.0: faster, more efficient and better. Send out a protest email? Sign a petition? Share on social media? It should all be possible in a few simple clicks.

What we did

We not only developed the app, but we also created the CMS that feeds the app with content such as articles, videos and photos. In the end, our team developed the app by combining three different platforms.

Trusted partner

Since they’re a small team, without any app development knowledge, GAIA teamed up with us to create their mobile app: ‘GAIA, help animals in 1 click’.


It was important for us to collaborate with a party we could trust, has proven professionalism and provides quality apps

Ann De Greef CEO at GAIA

More than an app

To tackle issues of their first app, they sat together with our project manager to discuss the matter. “We wanted a reliable app, one that our members would appreciate, and one that truly helps the animals”, says Ann De Greef, CEO of GAIA. “That’s why icapps not only developed the app, but also created the CMS (Content Management System)”, she adds.

“The CMS feeds the app with content such as articles, videos, and photos. At a first glance, these systems work pretty easily. However, it’s always challenging to create a CMS that is user-friendly and flexible”, says Freek van Laarhoven, Project Manager at icapps. In the end, our team developed the app by combining three different platforms, which asked for consistent coordination between the developers.

Flutter as a technology

We chose Flutter as a base technology because with only one codebase it can run on all devices (iOS and Android), it focuses on performance and animations, and maybe most importantly, Flutter is an open-source technology - which was perfect for what the app GAIA had in mind.

On top of that, instead of putting four developers on the task, we only had to work with two developers to build the app for both iOS and Android.

Developing in times of a pandemic

Although the project started before the outbreak of the coronavirus, at the end, all feedback had to be discussed remotely. Because a lot of people were working on the project simultaneously, it took some time to keep everyone in the loop. But luckily at icapps, remote working and holding weekly scrum meetings have always been part of our routine.

“Honestly, it was a real challenge”, Ann De Greef remembers, “but quite fast, we managed to organize video calls on a regular basis and in an efficient manner. That way, we kept everyone on the same page.”, she adds. “It remained quite challenging to keep everyone up to date, but we felt very involved in every step icapps took to create the app. We were able to work very closely together in difficult times, so we were quickly convinced of the professionalism of icapps”, Ann De Greef concludes.

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