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GoodHabitz is an online learning platform with a B2B-oriented business model. GoodHabitz offers companies and their employees a lifelong learning experience through their product offerings. All of their online courses are created entirely in-house. They strongly believe that quality, humor, enthusiasm, and a good user experience are distinctive factors for their users.

The issue

Digitalization. GoodHabitz already offered an online learning experience via the web, but they had no mobile solution for its users. They wanted to kickstart mobile development to keep releasing new features after the first MVP product.

What we did

We started this collaboration with a Think phase. During our digital product strategy workshops, we first brainstormed about the UX and UI design of the future application. Afterward, we were able to start building the mobile application in Flutter. The app is based on their website but with a mobile-first approach because they want to use it as the frontrunner for future development.

Making online learning a habit

GoodHabitz offers online learning opportunities in a very interactive way. They want to provide an even better and more personalized service to their users by creating an app in addition to their website so that the user can learn anywhere, any time.

The app was created mainly because people are more on the go and don't always have their laptops with them. And to encourage even more, they already offer short lesson blocks that the learner can now complete via the app. You can switch seamlessly between the app and the web without losing track of your progress.

Flutter as the future-proof and cost-effective solution for this mobile application.

Flutter can mainly be referred to as a cross-platform technology that is completely in tune with the needs of modern customers:

  • Future-proof and cost-efficient

  • A shared codebase for iOS/Android, so one language cross-platform (without having to compromise on the user experience)

  • Custom UX/UI capabilities which also applied here (because everything is in widgets). An example we’ve used in this project is the fast and easy implementation of custom animations.

  • Productive and very fast (we delivered the app in 2 months)

  • Architecturally and technically, Flutter is very strong; fast development cycles due to stateful hot reload, with DART as the programming language, native store deployment, and Continuous Integration via Jenkins,...

  • It is an open-source platform so since icapps actively contributes to the community, we also get a lot out of it (new trends, developments, optimizations,...).

Remote meeting, live celebrations

There was one point of contact with the customer, which made the collaboration run smoothly. GoodHabitz gave us a style guide to which we added some custom elements, such as e.g. a video player built from scratch for them and a full dark UI kit where the mapping between light and dark modes was made.

The collaboration throughout the project had a collaborative and respectful vibe. In between the serious meeting discussions, there was room for laughter and humor, making it a fun project to work on for the entire team. Even though we were doing this project completely remotely, everyone kept to the agreements and deadlines. The GoodHabitz team visited our office in Antwerp post-Covid, and afterward, we had a drink together at the bar in our office. The cherry on top of our collaboration.


We had some tight deadlines and challenging features to implement. Luckily we were able to finish them within the expected timeframe.

Joran Calluy Product Owner at icapps

The challenges encountered throughout the project

The project started remotely because Covid was still in the air. Therefore we had no kick-off event, unfortunately.

Freek Van Laarhoven (Product Manager at GoodHabitz) and our colleague Joran Calluy (Product Owner) worked together on product scope and backlog establishment. We started developing as soon as possible, but some designs were not ready yet, which gave us some challenges along the way.

Even though a multi-year collaboration was in the offing, GoodHabitz found the necessary in-house developers to shape the project further. As befits a good partner, the icapps team brought everything in place to ensure a smooth transition of knowledge and delivered work. We’re sad to see our projects end this way, but we believe we will be working with this fantastic company in the future.

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