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Mooimakers is a Flemish initiative of Fost Plus, OVAM, and VVSG. They want to raise awareness about leaving litter and garbage behind in the streets, parks, ... . Their online platform "Mijn mooie straat" supports local authorities in their litter policy. Overall, they want to activate citizens to report this litter and to keep others from leaving it behind, with the nice bonus of adding some physical activity on the side.

The issue

Mooimakers wanted to give their volunteers, and anyone that's into plogging, a fun and easy way to collect litter lying around in the streets. On the other hand, they wanted a digital solution to efficiently plan the pick up of garbage for their technical teams. To help both parties, they needed a fitting digital solution.

What we did

We created a Flutter application that citizens can use to register litter they collect on their daily run, jog, (dog)walk. When a piece of garbage is too large to pick up, volunteers can report it. By using the live location of the volunteers and giving them the ability to add pictures, the technical teams can easily locate the garbage and plan their pick up efficiently.

Keep it simple, keep it clean

Mooimakers’ mission is to keep the streets, parks,… clean from litter and garbage lying around. Where citizens could previously report garbage via a web platform, from now on they can report it in their mobile app the instant they notice it lying around. Due to live tracking in the application, the technical teams can instantly find the exact location and plan the pick up efficiently. By giving users the ability to add pictures, the technical team even knows what vehicle will fit the operation best. We were happy this project landed with us because it supports one of our strategic pillars; our planet.

Engaging in some physical activity

The app wants to give the citizens, who are engaging in collecting litter in their area, a smart tool to track their pick up and exchange information with their local authorities. A nice plus is that the application also activates citizens to get their butts in action. A nice win-win, right? Other than that, the application creates a community of “ploggers”, joggers picking up litter. A Strava-like concept. The community building as a result of multiple people using the app in the same region is a nice bonus, it encourages users to actively make reports and keeps the streets clean. 


We get such a "high" from walking in the park and collecting litter that we made it into our daily teambuilding moment.

Jasna Schramme Cross media manager at Lint

A feeling of accomplishment

Before Mooimakers introduced the mobile application, volunteers had no idea what happened to their reports. Was the garbage picked up? Were they able to locate it properly? Thanks to the notifications in the app, users receive a message when their reported garbage is picked up by the technical team. This encourages them to keep an eye out and make reports.

An accessible technology

We were involved in building the front-end of this application and it was only logical to build it in Flutter. With its dynamic interface and fun widgets, we could easily create an application that attracts and is user-friendly to a large, diverse audience. For some of the features, like background tracking, we had to build our own back-end. We, later on, open-sourced this backend for other developers to use it as well. At icapps, we strongly believe in the open-source community, it's a good way to share knowledge and intellectual property.  


It has been proven once again that communication is the absolute key to success, especially when working together with different parties on one project.

Hannes Vandenberghe Team lead at icapps

Communication as a key successfactor

Minsky is responsible for the back-end and web portal development. Lastpak is the partner for the UI design, who's also responsible for the overall coordination of the project. Since we had to join forces with multiple companies to create a successful application, we instantly noticed that communication was key. With an agile mindset, we were able to quickly align the various stakeholders and set up weekly meetings to talk the project through. Open communication and transparency were appreciated both by the customer and the other parties involved.

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