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Website Ep7

Episode 7: On validation and measurement

Assumptions are a strategist's worst enemy. Disguised as friendly, believable truths, they undermine your story and put your whole strategy foundation at risk. That's why it is crucial to be very aware of them throughout the strategizing phase, to list them, assess them and, most importantly, validate them.

Website Ep6

Episode 6: On co-creation

Quincy Jones knew it all along, co-creation is the key to a successful song. "You don't carefully select the right experts, it is equally important to fully let them play their roles." That's also the trick when outlining your digital strategy; looking for the right people to put around the table to create something magical together.

Header Ep 5

Episode 5: On Hooks

Some things are so recognizable that you can immediately put them in the right context. Think of the 'Friends clap', the iconic tune from Queen's "Under Pressure", or how you can't help but hum when reading "Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive, staying alive". That's what a hook does to a particular song, and that's what you want for your digital product as well, that recognizable aspect.

In this episode, Geert talks more about the importance of hooks in Digital strategy.

Header Ep 4

Episode 4: On simplicity and focus

It's in our nature to add things when we want to improve something. But what if that is not always the best option? What if we should actually take a step back and try to get to the initial focus, the essentials? This is often harder than adding things. So, keep it simple, set the right focus, and create a strategy that will stand out.

Header Ep 3

Episode 3: On context, trends, and technology

In music, we see the impact of a particular trend or technology on songs. We see that context plays an important role in the success of an artist. Think of Space Oddity, the song that rocketed David Bowie right into stardom, just because it was launched at the right time, right place. In digital strategy, it's no different. Context, trends, and technology all have a major impact on the success of a product.

Header EP 2

Episode 2: On empathy

Tom Waits was only 24 when he wrote Martha; the story of an old man calling his old love Martha. With this song, he shows great empathy. But what has empathy to do with Digital product strategy? That's what you're about to discover in the second episode of our Digital Strategy Songbook.

Visual EP1

Episode 1: On vision and authenticity

Queen wrote "One vision."
Nirvana said, "Come as you are".

In the first episode of our Digital Product Strategy Songbook, we talk about the importance of vision and authenticity for your digital strategy.

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