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Sam mapping his destination growth

icapps believes in growth and development, both personally and professionally. Our icabbs bus symbolizes this idea. We interviewed some of our colleagues about their journeys and goals. Meet Sam, a frontend (web) app developer, who had a year full of personal growth!

What was your biggest achievement this year?

The biggest achievement for me this year was learning new programming languages. I learned Node, React, and React Native, which allowed me to turn my knowledge into a product. Although I had some exposure to these languages in school, it's a whole different level to apply them to real-life projects. 

Why did you want to learn these programming languages?

Actually, it happened organically. There was a need for more manpower on certain projects, and I was interested in learning about them. But not only that. I can feel quite uncomfortable when I can't fully participate in a meeting. By that I mean I would like to have knowledge about the subject that’s being discussed. That's why I always strive to learn as much as possible about the subject. 

I try to store information selectively so that it flows more smoothly. Learning something new is always a challenge, but a fun one!


I'm trying to teach myself the helicopter view. By that, I mean trying to keep an overview of the daily operational work and different work processes. It involves stepping back, keeping an outline, and extracting the essence from a large amount of information. This skill is not easy, but it's essential to always keep it in the back of your mind or set up reminders for it.

Sam van Hoey Frontend Web (App) Developer

Have you attended any training or conferences this year?

Yes! I attended the React Advanced Conference in London, which was a great learning experience. 

And a few months ago, I also anticipated an iOS course a colleague organized to gain more background knowledge in React Native. My colleague Tom has been my faithful sparring partner for the past year, and he's tremendously strong conceptually.

At the roundabout 

What's your favorite way of transportation?

Definitely a car!

Driver or Co-Pilot?

I like being a co-pilot but when it's necessary I don't mind being the driver.