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Destination Growth: Willem's Journey of Personal and Professional Development

icapps believes in growth and development, both personally and professionally. Our icabbs bus symbolizes this idea and recently, we spoke with some of our colleagues about their journeys and goals. Meet Willem, our lead Angular developer, who had a year full of personal growth!

What was the most significant road you took in 2022?

For me, it was taking on the role of Angular lead. Looking back on that time, I experienced it as a rather smooth transition, despite the hectic nature of the job. Initially, I was the only Angular developer working on a project, but with the valuable support of both internal colleagues and external consultants, we were able to create a team to collaborate on the project. This positive outcome is something I am particularly proud of.

What skills would you like to develop more to excel in your role as Lead?

In the past, I tended to be easily satisfied with my work. However, after working on projects like Bolero, I have become more critical of my own work and have made significant progress in this area. 

To better fulfill my role as Angular lead, I think I need to be more assertive in making decisions and guiding team members. I've realized that being too open-ended can sometimes hinder our progress. By taking a more decisive approach, I can help us move forward more efficiently.


Although it may sound like a cliché; the past year was a rollercoaster ride, yet I reflect on that time with a remarkably positive outlook.

Willem Cornelissen Angular Lead

If you could choose anyone as your co-pilot, who would that be? 

While there are numerous individuals at icapps who inspire me, William (Android Developer) stands out as someone who possesses extensive knowledge and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Similarly, Jeroen (CTO) impresses me with his ability to think outside the box and his wealth of innovative ideas. And Michelle (Product Owner), knows her projects inside out. She always has a very good overview.  

However, every colleague of icapps possesses a unique quality that I admire and appreciate!

At the roundabout 

At what speed do you ideally see yourself growing in the future?

70 km/h. Gradually building a good foundation and working from there.