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Sunrise is the largest private telecommunications company in Switzerland. Since January 2022, icapps has worked with Sunrise on their web, mobile, and TV applications. We’ve offered native as well as cross-platform expertise for their Yallo and MySports products.


Sunrise needed help improving their Yallo TV service and starting a new project for hockey fans called MySports. They wanted to ensure people could watch TV and sports easily on their phones, computers, and TVs.

What we did

icapps was brought on board to integrate with Sunrise's existing team, contributing to the ongoing development of Yallo and spearheading the MySports platform. The collaboration involved working closely with the backend team and stakeholders to build and enhance functionality for both web and mobile platforms.


icapps enhances our team with their technical expertise and seniority, much like a skilled center in hockey that elevates the entire team.

Roman Reimann Senior Director at Sunrise

Achievements and collaboration

Our team became a vital part of Sunrise, actively participating in the development process and decision-making. A significant contribution was addressing the technical debt from the older Gatsby version, leading to forming a next-generation team. This team focused on creating new applications using advanced frameworks, learning from past experiences.

The flat hierarchy within the Sunrise team facilitated direct communication and idea sharing, which was especially beneficial given the technical background of many business decision-makers at Sunrise. The collaboration with the backend team was marked by responsiveness and a joint effort to resolve challenges. Even though everyone was working from different locations and remotely, the teamwork among team members stayed smooth and consistent.

The challenges along the way

Updating to a future-proof codebase had its challenges, mainly due to the older setup. Our process became smoother by combining our experience with the expertise of the quality team members at Sunrise.


Being part of the Sunrise project has been exciting. We've worked together really well, combining our ideas and skills to make great apps for watching TV and sports.

Frédéric Vandeborne React Developer at icapps
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