After Telenet Yelo Play, Telenet YUGO is another great result of our partnership with Telenet. In collaboration with Telenet designers and backenders, our team took care of the front-end part of the TV-app.

In a first stage we built YUGO natively for iOS and Android. A few months after these apps released, we assisted them with expanding YUGO's services with the Apple TV version of the app.


"One of the requirements, and one of the challenges for icapps, was that the platform needed a very dynamic approach. In the future Telenet wants to build many more applications upon the structure that we are preparing now."

Martijn Van Mierloo Android Developer at icapps

Freestylers anno 2019

Telenet made a remake of Bomfunk MC's Freestyler for the launch of their new TV app. Main message: bye bye digibox, hello YUGO!

With the app you can watch all you like, whenever and wherever. YUGO makes you freestyle trough the best of online entertainment...


Telenet gave us the opportunity to work in-house during and after the build of the application.


"icapps does not simply adopt the requirements, they are actively thinking along with us to improve the solution."

Kris Giebens Product manager Digital TV at Telenet

Guess we've all earned a little release party...

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