Say hello to: Cedric, iOS developer at icapps!

icapps wouldn’t be icapps without its people. That’s why, in this blog series, we put one of our amazing employees in the spotlight to talk about his or her job at icapps. Find out what their challenges are in their job, how they want to grow and get to know them a bit too.

Are you wondering what a job as a iOS developer looks like? Cedric is here to help and will tell you all about it!

How did you start your job as an iOS developer, and why were you particularly attracted to developing iOS applications?

Nine years ago, I started with test automation, focusing on evaluating applications made by others that involved some coding tasks. I did not actually create anything new, but rather checked the quality of what others made. I wanted to become the guy who made something, and not just be the one who checked something someone else made. 

When Apple released Swift (their new programming language) at the time, I immediately wanted to get into it! I started by studying the Swift book that was released by Apple. It was a beginner-friendly programming language and encouraged me to start with iOS development. Soon, I started working on a few small projects, and eventually, I noticed that icapps was looking for new employees. They stood out to me because they focused a lot on quality and teamwork. Fast forward, I’ve been working at icapps for seven years now.

How do you ensure icapps, and our customers, stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends?

I use various channels to keep up with everything related to Apple. If I encounter interesting insights or developments, I usually share the article with colleagues. Every year in June Apple does their annual WWDC conference, in which they showcase multiple new APIs for us to use. It’s a bit like Christmas for iOS developers.

What does your daily routine look like as an iOS developer?

Programming, programming, and programming. Sometimes, I have a few meetings with team members and other colleagues during the day, but I spend my time efficiently by focusing on coding. Usually we also have some code reviewing planned as well.

What technology do you prefer when programming an application?

I’ve been using Native for nine years, it never gets boring. There’s always something new to learn, new features to add, or even new Apple devices like the Apple Vision Pro. have experimented with React-Native and flutter before, but native development seems to be in my blood for some reason.

Apple recently released the Apple Vision Pro. Are you working on any applications for this device already?

Currently, I am working on a in-house application for the Vision Pro, to showcase and test the potential of the device. I also adjusted one of our existing apps for the Port of Antwerp Bruges, to work with the Vision Pro as well. Additionally, I would love to explore the possibilities of an application focusing on accessibility for the visually impaired. There is so much the Vision Pro can do that we have yet to realize.

Which sectors would you be interested in working in?

I would love to create something for the entertainment sector, but I am open-minded about various industries. I have worked on a banking application for six years, so anything else would be exciting.

What is your favorite iOS application that you have co-created?

While it may no longer be exclusively iOS-based, the Philips Hue application remains one of my favorites because it is super customizable, and I use it daily! Another favorite of mine is the Argenta application because I worked on it for so long.