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Analytics for product leaders

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Growing by numbers: Analytics for product leaders

By now, most businesses are fully aware of the importance of data. But data on its own is useless without proper analytics. We start the session by taking a closer look at the different types of analytics, and why and when they matter. You'll learn more about the difference between marketing and product analytics and we take a dive into how you can build your business case to transform your data into valuable assets.

On the menu:

Building products that count

By Digital Strategist, Geert De Laet 

Product Analytics is a specific approach to analytics aimed at growing your product and achieving product/market fit. We go into detail about where to start, which metrics make sense (and which don’t), how to create an actionable measurement plan, and pick the right tool(s) for the job.

Measuring the launch of your product

By Head of Marketing Services, Michiel Pattyn

Launching a new digital product is a thrilling adventure. It demands understanding your target audience, your different channels, App and Play store possibilities, ... To effectively monitor your app's launch and therefore its future success, leveraging appropriate marketing analytics tools is paramount. Throughout the presentation, we shed light on key tools and best practices for orchestrating a launch that is not only successful but also GDPR-compliant

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