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Your all-inclusive digital experience

Every day we think, build and care for our customers, and we have fun doing it. Our goal is to collaborate with our partners in order to get the result we both can be proud of. We maintain a custom approach for every partner, adapted to their needs. In order to provide full service to our partners, we offer three phases along the process...


Together we transform your digital needs into ready to build solutions. During inspirational sessions and workshops we listen to your ideas and add 'a touch of icapps'. We include all stakeholders and end-users in this process. At the end you go home with a complete list of digital solutions, ready for lift off. We guide you towards success.


Together we created the ideas, now, it’s time for you to relax as we get to the developing part! Of course, as we develop, you will remain up to date throughout the process thanks to our regular sprint reviews. Agile is in our DNA; it is our duty to help you launch your digital products as soon as possible and conquer your world.


Your product is ready for take-off and you're eager to share it with the world. But before you decide to launch your product into the market, you’re probably wondering how to promote it, how to fix possible problems or hiccups, how to set up and complete updates, … and so on. We feel you, it ain’t that easy.

Our development approach

To tailor our way of working to our customers’ needs, we defined three ways of collaborating. From full-service product teams, over blended teams to consultancy. And actually anything in between.

Our partners' success stories

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